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The secure DLT platform for the world’s most demanding high-performance blockchain solutions


What is Mazzaroth?

Mazzaroth is a platform for building and running distributed applications leveraging distributed ledger technology (DLT), allowing developers to write and build decentralized smart contracts through WebAssembly using high-level languages. Mazzaroth DLT platform provides configurable privacy for decentralized operating systems. Our permissioned blockchain maintains control over workflows and helps to protect intellectual property and data assets, while unique governance optionality allows you to evolve from Web2 to Web3 at your own pace. Mazzaroth provides a highly configurable solution that makes it easier for developers and enterprises to develop their specific use cases. This configurability, allows each solution built on Mazzaroth to control their own governance, security, transparency and incentivization properties.

Public-Permissioned DLT Provides the benefits of decentralized operating systems and ledger security without giving up control of the workflow.
All-In-One Platform Development tools, make it easier for developers to build high performance, public-permissioned DLT solutions with 1-click deployment on cloud infrastructure.
WASM interpreter Allows developers to build smart contracts using high level languages like Rust & Go.
First class support Inter-blockchain communication, including elegant architecture for interoperability and API integration with popular consumer wallets.

Developer Resources

Get Started with tutorials, documentation, SDK, APIs, reference implementations and more.

DLT/Blockchain Consensus Smart Contract Language Sharded Performance Decentralization
Mazzaroth DPoS+pBFT Rust, Go, Zig, C, C++ Yes 15,000 tx/second by Channel Public Permissioned
EOS DPoS+BFT C++ No 3000tx/second Public
Tendermint PoS + BFT Rust, JavaScript, Solidity Yes 10,000 tx/second Public
hedera PoS + aBFT Java Yes 10,000 tx/second Public Permissioned
Corda Validity Consensus and Uniqueness Consensus Kotlin, Java Yes 2580 tx/second Public Permissioned
Hyperledger Fabric CFT, BFT (Pluggable Consensus) JavaScript, Go, Java Yes 3000~20000 tx/second Public Permissioned

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